• New album Worlds Within (10/25/2016) - Fresh from our publicist: AD VANDERVEEN – ‘Worlds Within’ *poetry and music in motion* How do you promote a discrete and introspective piece of work? You don’t, really. You can only make an announcement and hopefully notify those who might be interested. Here goes: At age 60 singer-songwriter Ad Vanderveen realizes more than ever that […]
  • Summer 2016 update (9/8/2016) - Spent the summer doing some traveling, writing songs and poetry, and also a chapter for a book about Neil Young by Herman Verbeke ( in Dutch). Recording new music as well, a new CD titled ‘Worlds Within’ is in the making and scheduled for release early 2017. Listen to title track preview
  • ‘The Barn Basics’ limited edition CD (2/13/2016) - Especially for those interested in acoustic music, an independent limited-edition CD with an acoustic version of the 2016 ‘The Stellar Cellar Band’ CD will be made available. This high-quality recording was made in an old barn with acoustics and an atmosphere very well suited to the music. Alongside Vanderveen on vocals/guitars/harmonica is his partner and […]
  • New videos from ‘Requests Revisited’ and ‘Presents Of The Past’ (5/12/2015) - While in Canada and the US we shot two videos of songs from the new record, one in the country and one in the city. ‘Emigrant Family’ returned to its original scene in Ontario and ‘World So Crowded’ was shot in Chicago on State Street (that great street) Filmed by Benjamin Vanderveen. Both are up […]
  • No’Neils (7/15/2014) - The adventures on and off the road with my band The O’Neils are coming to an end. After 16 years, playing together and keeping up the old garage spirit has reached its limits, outlasting my expectations by far. We will play our scheduled shows until end of october 2014 so come out to see this […]
  • Beat The Record – Liner notes 2 (3/10/2014) - Whenever I buy a new record I hope to learn about other people’s lives, truths, philosophies, skills and craft. This is what I single out and any productional efforts to be “impressive” are usually not very interesting to me. It seems nowadays that most of the attention people pay to music goes to style and […]
  • AV on soundcarriers (3/10/2014) - “I love soundcarriers. Physical hands-on documents. I count my life in soundcarriers, my own as well as others’. They are a diary, they keep a score and order. They are a culmination of life in music and poetry, a journal, materializing in groups of songs from period to period. Great love, care and energy goes […]
  • A quote from Neil Young (3/10/2014) - A quote from Neil Young, addressing a convention of recording industry folk: “That’s only one way of making records. A lot of you out here are craftsmen: just beautiful records, and take great care with every note. And I know I’m not one of them. I like to capture the moment. I like to record […]
  • David Olney – Sad Saturday Night (3/10/2014) - David Olney plays Sad Saturday Night, a song from ‘BEAT THE RECORD” that I cowrote with him and John Hadley and recorded at Hadley’s cabin in Nashville. There will also be a version of it on David’s new album “When The deal Goes Down”