Treasure Keepers review Jace Media UK

Review By Darren McIntyre

Ad Vanderveen is a singer / songwriter who’s music is steeped in new folk / roots genre. Although born in Hilversum, Holland he has Canadian parentage. He plied his trade in many bands before finding his own voice as a solo artist i the early 90’s. He has performed with many top performers including  Al Kooper, Al Perkins, Leland SKlar, Herman Brood, Flaco Jiminez, Iain Matthews, Eliza Gilkyson, Eric Anderson and David Olney to name but a few. Ad has given us 4 studio albums over the years and returns with new offering Treasure Keepers which I will be reviewing for you today.

David & Goliath – Soulful acoustic strumming is heading for us as we get bluesy mellow vocals that really set the tone moving forward. There is a nice mellow blues bass line that is handing out grooves that just work the track so well. The arrangement is a smooth affair that just allows the track to flow and deliver a real cool smooth composition that is just awesome as the lyrics are just fantastic as the song rolls into a cool melodic piece of music.

Treasure Keepers – Blues style acoustic strums come at us as the track opens up and lets the bass drum kick take over and let the track spread it’s wings and go.Vocals are mellow and smooth and give us a real treat as we get the full effect of this musician and how good he is.Harmonica oozes from the rhythm section and just elevates the track to a new level, there is a lot to like from this tune, solid tones, mellow lyrics and just a real feel good track.

End Of Me & You – Mellow strings are with us and they get this country / blues tune off the ground. There is a nice bass like chord with a bit of depth coming to us, the change up takes place as the chords go up a notch to breathe new life into this blues laden beast. There is a lot to like with this track as it gives you clarity and a purpose to go and live the best life you can, vocals are just fantastic as they are on point, mellow and give you a sense of feeling as the track goes on.

Sixty Thousand Thoughts – Steel guitar and acoustic tones come at us as this cool toned tune goes off down the road. There is a soft mellow vocal that sets the tone as the track moves on.Bass is delivering soft blues grooves that really just flow and fit into this cool arrangement.

Death Is For Others – Harmonica tones are a nice way to start off this cool and mellow based tune. Vocals are upon us and they have a soulful blues tone that really sits well with the whole arrangement. Bass lines are just floating around in the background as they give us mellow grooves that fit right into this awesome arrangement.

Looking Through Your Eyes – Solemn style acoustic strums that just flow and add a real smooth beat to this mellow acoustic driven track. Vocals come to us and they have a real smooth toned draw that really takes you off on a journey as we get the full force of the vocal talents as they unfold. Bass lines are smooth and deep and really deliver on the meaty groove that allows the track to blossom into a nice smokey laden vocal piece that has you hooked.

Puppet Show – Vocals with a smooth tone start us off with a nice mellow arrangement as the track is a real cool sombre vocal that has you thinking forward as to where you want to be next. This is a real slow bluesy vibe that is a real lyrical journey that is just fantastic.Well arranged and thought out it gives you a real sense of achievement to get to the end of this magical journey.

Times Like These – Deep acoustic tones with a nice stringed arrangement to follow it on, vocals come in and these have a country style draw with a smooth vibe that fits the arrangement so well.The musicians are in time and keeping the track moving as it gathers momentum with a steady vibe and with lyrics that mean so much. This is a well thought out process as we are given the full vocal tone and musical journey, lovely piece of music.

If I Can Do It, So Can You – Smooth blues style acoustic strums come at us as this cool mellow track goes off down the road, there is a real deep bass line that is handing out meaty grooves that just weave themselves into the fabric of this really cool tune. The vocals are a nice vibe that mixes well with a the arrangement and helps drive it forward, these tracks have so much feeling in them and this what makes the track so good.

Lonely You Are – We have a cool electric chord oozing with power and ready to move forward and deliver an awesome tune, Vocals are a smooth soulful vibe that really makes this track what it is, harmonica notes are with us and this puts a different slat on the track.The awesome electric chords really just elevate this mellow based track and that is just fantastic, blues bass lines are doing their thing and just feel the blues flowing towards us, nice harmonica ending.

Motherland – Crunching gritty riffs to kick us off, we then get a rasping vocal note that really flows into the fabric of this rather blues driven void. the introduction of the electric guitar is quite stunning as it gives the track extra width and allows it to breathe. This is a real nice way to finish a really mellow blues tinged rock album, the crunching chords are a nice addition as they control the mood and the finish.