Jan 20 (D)Köln Jokis Kulturtreff w. Kersten de Ligny
Jan 21 Private Concert
Jan 22 Private Concert
Feb 26 (NL)Amsterdam Café Westerdok try out 17.00 w. WW Ensemble
March 4 (NL)Lage Vuursche In The Woods CD introduction w.WW Ensemble
March 16 (NL)Edam de Harmonie w.WW Ensemble
March 19 (NL)Soest Artishock  w.WW Ensemble
April 8 (NL)Zuidhorn NY Festival w.Down By The River Band
May 20 (NL)Groot Schermer Museum en Beeldentuin Nic Jonk 20.00 w. WW Ensemble
June 8 (NL)Den Haag Soc. Engels Musemix Concert Series w. WW Ensemble
September 28 (D)t.b.a.
September 29 (A)Thalgau Hundsmarktmühle w.Kersten de Ligny
September 30 (D)t.b.a.
October 14 (NL)Nieuw en St. Joosland Theater de Wegwijzer w.WW Ensemble
October 26 (D)Eppstein Wunderbar Weite Welt w.Double W Ensemble
November 26 (NL)Stavoren Café Max 16.00 w. WW Ensemble
December 30 Private Concert

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