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Candle To You new album press sheet

Ad Vanderveen – Candle To You

(Introductory notes by Jon C. Ireson / Music-News)

In the realm of modern folk rock, two men stand as pillars influencing the generations who follow. Bob Dylan took the influence of Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams and through the magical transformation of the Greenwich Village stages, made it speak to millions of young adults grasping for sense in senseless times. 

Neil Young rose to fame riding a wave of psychedelia with Buffalo Springfield operating out of L.A.’s famous Laurel Canyon. Yet, in his formative years on the Canadian Great Plains, Young drew a lot from Dylan’s early folk masterpieces. Once the great wave of the ’60s broke, Young would turn hard to folk in the ’70s writing some of his most enduring classics. 

Today, there is a great deal of that DNA in any given performer that takes up the acoustic guitar to bare their soul. 

Amsterdam-based Ad Vanderveen may have been born thousands of miles from Ohio or Ontario, Minnesota or Manhattan but the man has the lineage of these folk troubadours in his blood. This must have something to do with his Canadian family. On his latest record Release, Vanderveen powerfully and effectively channels the two greats, blending their sonic traits with his own worldly personality to create an album that hits all the right notes of nostalgia, reflection, love, and sense of home that a great folk record should.

This is an artist who studied under the best in his field and with that same energy, produced a welcoming, wistful, and wise entry in the tradition of great folk music. 

Candle To You comes on the heels of the internationally acclaimed 2021 album Release. It offers ten new songs with a distinct sonic signature and atmosphere that is slightly different from Vanderveen’s other work.

AV on Candle To You: “The title-track can be considered a humble dedication to both men mentioned above, as well as some other heroes who came before. A tribute while still alive, if you will. As a child of the sixties, growing up in the second line of that revolutionary generation, I see myself as a carrier of the same flame. I’m grateful to see those greats in the frontline still ahead out there today.”

“While some songs are typically acoustic guitar based, a lot of this album was written on the mandola – the mandolin’s older sister,” the singer further explains. ”Exploring this instrument led to new horizons and different harmonic settings that seem to emphasize the spaciousness and fluidity in my music.” 

Add to that some joyful reunions with old friends on pedal steel, violin/viola, electric guitar, bass and drums/percussion, and harmony vocals and the result is a natural, open and spontaneous sounding production that marks a sense of renewal within the singer-songwriter’s oeuvre.

As said above, music never comes out of nowhere and is always influenced and inspired by those who came before, but lyrics are something else and Ad Vanderveen very much has his own story to tell. It’s a story of a lifelong search that has a sense of home running through it. One can suspect that over the years he has been closing in on something, although it’s not spelled out literally what that is. It’s a quest of the spirit that holds a promise of finding and coming home, a feeling that many – consciously or subconsciously – may relate to.

The poetry always central to Vanderveen’s work often hints at a bigger picture, expressed through every day events and language, with subjects relevant in any grown-up’s life like; love on individual and universal levels, longing, loss, transience, and acceptance.

With: Ad Vanderveen: vocal, guitars, mandola, harmonica, footstomp / Kersten de Ligny: harmony vocal / Jan Erik Hoeve: pedal steel / Neil James Morrison: violin, viola / Pete Fisher: bass, percussion / Michael Kay: drums, percussion / Simon Moore: keyboards / Philip Kroonenberg: guest vocal on 3 

Track list:

1 Do What You Love 2 Following The Wind 3 Over Time 4 Candle To You 5 Last Venture 6 All The Way Thing 7 Window In The Rain 8 Miss That World 9 Exit Inside 10 Air Guitar 

Concert Registration CD

Ad Vanderveen Quartet – Concert Registration 

A limited edition live CD is available of the July 4th AV Quartet concert at Tivoli/Vredenburg, Utrecht.

It’s an authorized bootleg simply titled Concert Registration – recorded the classical way with mics capturing the hall acoustics. The digipack contains the full repertoire of 16 songs played and clocks in at 73 minutes. 

No downloads, no streaming, just a limited pressing for those missing the live music experience.

Available now, orders via email: 


1 Release

2 One Last Song

3 Wildfire

4 Fickle Mind

5 I Was Hank Williams

6 Angel Of Death

7 Denver Nevada

8 Lonely Family

9 Man Of Few Words

10 Nothing But A Dream

11 Ol’56

12 All The Waiting

13 Mystery

14 If I Needed You

15 Following The wind

16 Melancholy Blues

Liner notes:

After a year and a half of mostly playing at home, writing and recording 2 albums, and doing only occasional shows during the pandemic isolation, our world seemed ready to slowly open up again in the summer of 2021.

On July 4 we set out to do 2 shows of 2 sets each for different audiences at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht – in Hertz, a concert hall acoustically designed for classical, mostly chamber music. 

The Quartet – consisting of Kersten de Ligny on vocals, autoharp, percussion / Timon van Heerdt on bass / Jan Erik Hoeve on pedal steel and banjo, and myself on vocal, guitar, mandola, harmonica, footstomp– played in an intimate setting for only 50 people at a time.

This recording was made the classical way, only using the microphones capturing the hall acoustics. No close individual close miking, except from the delicately amplified stage sound filling the house. The result is an ambient registration and a natural, airy atmosphere just like the audience and the band heard it that night. 

Playing a lot of new material, featuring songs from the current album ‘Release’, it felt like a release indeed to share music in the moment and interact with an audience again.

We decided to line up the complete repertoire that was played as a full concert registration and hope  it will be a welcome item in these times of live music scarcity.

AV, July 2021.

Treasure Keepers

Treasure Keepers is the first real solo album by singer-songwriter Ad Vanderveen.

Performed alone in a studio/theater ambience with no audience, it features nine and a half new original songs and one and a half covers.

The content and poetry are of a personal / spiritual / topical nature and are kept center-stage, framed by a variety of sounds, ranging from airy acoustic to grungy electric.

Starting off with a dedication to colleague, friend and mentor David Olney, who recently passed away, Vanderveen’s songs address subjects like life and death, creativity, change and pandemic times, as well as love transcending all of these in some more meditative pieces. The disc ends with Motherland, a grungy electric rendition of the Dutch national anthem, with Vanderveen’s own lyrics taking it to a more universal and spiritual plane.

The other cover on Treasure Keepers is ‘If I Can Do It So Can You’ by Lee Clayton, a song Ad claims had a life-changing impact on him in the late 1970s.
While the performances are spontaneous and minimal, the soundscape is intricate and has been realized with help of the the finest of people and equipment available in the field of audio.

Ad Vanderveen about Treasure Keepers:
“I’ve often heard myself say ‘a song should be able to stand on its own two feet, but I’d never really made a record like that. It was time to practise what I preach: one shot on the spot with no overdubs – a bold and daring choice if I do say so myself – and if a song wouldn’t stand up to it, it simply wouldn’t come to life. It took a sense of ruthless vulnerability to present my new material in this way that turned out feeling very rewarding”.

Treasure Keepers will be released in the summer of 2020.

Final Refuge CD

AD VANDERVEEN  ‘Final Refuge‘ – Press release sheet – 


It’s new, yet nothing new; more of the same, yet different; it’s trusted like a good friendship that is gaining in depth and quality over time, yet is often taken for granted.This much could be said about the work of songwriter and singer Ad Vanderveen and his new offering ‘Final Refuge‘.
With little fanfare and in a steady flow, this prolific writer produces groups of songs that seem to form their own unity and make up the story of an album. Just about every year a new CD is added to an ever growing catalog that started back in the early 90’s.

While his work is often compared to greats like Neil Young, Bob Dylan or Townes Van Zandt, Ad Vanderveen could well be considered one of the most obscure and reluctant superstars the world has never seen. Despite the size of – and high critical acclaim for – his artistic output both on records and in live performances he has maintained a low profile and, in his own words calls; ‘the inner eye a greater priority than the public eye’.

In Final Refuges lyrical content, spiritual and mystical themes alternate with more mundane affairs, covering subject matter that most serious and grown up music lovers could relate to like reflections on transience, love and faith, as well as more personal inquisition, self-knowledge and worldly philosophy.
The recording sessions were done in an intimate and interactive setting, with an acoustic combo or with just acoustic guitar. The performances have the inspired, in the moment and heartfelt immediacy that we’ve come to expect from Ad. “This is chamber music, made on the spot where most songs took shape and where they sound best”, he explains.

Where the previous album with the somewhat intriguing title I Was Hank Williams (2018) was characterized by a rather unconventional multitrack field-recording approach, ‘Final Refuge is a well balanced and rounded whole, with a consistent atmosphere and rich ambient sound throughout.
Acoustic instruments like guitar, piano, upright bass, banjo, hang drum and percussion weave through the minimal chord structures that support the poetry always central to Vanderveen’s work.

“This album came about very organically, following the flow of the writing in a down-home atmosphere. Playing with my trusted combo (Timon van Heerdt – upright bass; Rene Kaaij – piano, hang drum; and Pete Fisher – percussion, production) was like a true homecoming and gave some of the pieces an improvisational touch. To top things off, harmony singing by Kersten de Ligny and some  guest players on strings and horns enhanced the picture like a frame around a painting”, AV comments on the new album. Final Refuge is scheduled for release by Continental Rose, a joint-venture between CRS Records and Blue Rose Records, on november 8 2019.


“Ad Vanderveen sings simple songs. Songs about love, longing, wandering and coming home.
He performs these songs with their familiar images in an unpretentious, matter of fact manner.
His voice is a good one and his guitar playing is direct and honest. But we’ve all heard hotter licks and more acrobatic vocals. So, what makes these songs so unique and these performances so powerful?

We tend to associate depth with complexity when, in fact, it is only the simple things that have depth. The truth needs telling just once while a lie needs to be repeated and embellished upon over and over again.
You only have to hear Ad sing a song once to tap into its meaning and the feeling will grow stronger and deeper with more listenings. His music has an honesty and humility that is remarkable.

In Latin, Ad means toward. There is a feeling of moving toward something in Ad Vanderveen’s music. Something deep. Something powerful”. (From liner notes by David Olney)

I Was Hank Williams review Hooked On Music (D)

Es heißt zwar so schön “It’s the singer, not the song”, doch manchmal sind es auch Singer und Songs, die gemeinsam für etwas stehen, nämlich gleichermaßen Authentizität und Aussage, Harmonie und Suche nach etwas, das sich nicht gleich beim ersten Hören erschliessen mag.
Ad Vanderveen, der niederländische Schöngeist, ist einer dieser wandelbaren Vertreter. Stets wandelnd zwischen krachledernem Neil Young (wie 2016 bei seiner “Stellar Cellar Band”) und ein bisschen John Steinbeck oder Springsteens “Nebraska” und “Tom Joad” Phase, wie auf seinem neuen, seinem 28. Album “I Was Hank Williams”. Ein Titel der allerdings eher Metaphorisch gemeint ist.
Vanderveen zwingt zum Zuhören, setzt auf Texte mit Tiefgang und bringt, wenn es wie zu Heavy Heart durchaus passend erscheint, neben vielen akustischen Gitarren auch gerne mal eine zart gespielte elektrische Gitarre ein und schmückt das mit Kersten de Lignys Harmony Vocals und Harmonium versehene fragile und liebenswerte Where Does Love Belongtrefflich aus.
Vanderveen benötigt kein großes Brimborium, um kleine songwriterische Gemmen zu schaffen und belässt es geschmackssicher beim Titelsong dabei, ein wenig in Richtung Kris Kristofferson zu flirten.
Vanderveen kreiert mit “I Was Hank Williams” ein hübsches, beschauliches Kleinod, das mit dem sparsamen und punktgenauen Catch A Falling Leafnebst gezupfter Gitarre und bezauberndem zarten Blech und Streichern daherkommt und des Hörers Seele baumeln lässt.
Rundum ein entspanntes Album mit viel Tiefgang und purer Schönheit, das auch nach mehrmaligem Hören immer neue Details preiszugeben vermag.

Driven By A Dream

Nach einigen ruhigeren, oft auch self-made und weitgehend autark eingespielten Alben in der jüngeren Vergangenheit bietet der aktuell beste und international anerkannteste niederländische Singer/Songwriter/Gitarrist Ad Vanderveen auf seinem neuesten Werk wieder die musikalische Rundumkost, die ihn seit etwa 20 Jahren zu einem der führenden europäischen Americana-Künstler werden ließ: eine breite Palette von einfühlsamen Folkballaden über semi-akustisch/elektrischen Roots Rock bis zu gitarrenlastigen Krachern im allerfeinsten Neil Young-Stil in einer satten, ausgereiften Studioproduktion mit starken Begleitmusikern aus Holland und England. Driven By A Dream heißt das gute Stück und es macht seinen Titel zum Programm, legt man Bewertungsmaßstäbe wie hörbare Leidenschaft, akzentuiertes Songwriting, ausgebuffte Arrangements, profundes Wissen um die Zusammenhänge von Country, Folk & Rock und einen handgemachten, dabei zeitgemäßen Sound zugrunde. Ja, Driven By A Dream besitzt alle Qualitäten, um in den angesagten Americana-Zirkeln diesseits und jenseits des Atlantiks zu einem großen Thema im Herbst 2012 zu werden!

Ad Vanderveen wurde 1956 in Hilversum geboren, die Hälfte seiner Familie stammt allerdings aus Kanada. Und offensichtlich sind es genau jene Gene, die sich hörbar durchgesetzt haben! Seit Anfang der 90er trägt er seine ganz persönliche musikalische Botschaft zunächst quer durch die einschlägige Clubszene in Mitteleuropa, später dann auch über viele Grenzen hinaus in die Welt. Heute gehört er neben Hank Shizzoe, Markus Rill und Iain Matthews, die übrigens auch alle zur Blue Rose-Familie zählen, zu den vornehmlichsten europäischen Musikern, die in einer festen Beziehung zur amerikanischen Singer/Songwriter-Kultur stehen. Ad Vanderveen ist ein äußerst kommunikativer Typ, der gerne mit anderen zusammenarbeitet. So ist er im Laufe seiner mittlerweile gut 20 Alben und unzähliger Live-Konzerte mit Hochkarätern wie Eric Andersen, David Olney, Al Kooper, Herman Brood und Eliza Gilkyson aufgetreten, zeigt sich in den letzten Jahren gerne im Duo mit seiner Freundin, der talentierten Sängerin Kersten de Ligny, reaktiviert von Zeit zu Zeit das Iain Ad Venture (mit Iain Matthews). Außerdem steht seine langjährige Begleittruppe The O’Neils (treffend benannt nach seinem großen Idol) immer einsatzbereit zur Verfügung, wenn es denn mal wieder richtig elektrisch, in allerbester Crazy Horse-Manier krachen und bratzen soll!

Vor fast 10 Jahren begann die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Blue Rose und Ad Vanderveen mit dem Erfolgs- und Durchbruchsalbum The Moment That Matters. In einer latenten On-and-off-Beziehung gab es in der Zeit danach weitere gemeinsame Projekte wie Still Now (2008) und Days Of The Greats (2011) – allesamt Produktionen, die sicher mit zu den stärksten im Gesamtkatalog des vielseitigen Künstlers zu werten sind. Driven By A Dream setzt nun diese Serie eindrucksvoll fort. Zusammen mit Kersten de Ligny und seiner bevorzugten Rhythm Section aus der Heimat – Timon Van Heerdt (Bass, Slack Key Guitar, Mandolin, Backing Vocals), Roel Overduin/aka Purple O’Neil (Drums) – reiste er nach Wales ins legendäre Rockfield Studios, wo wirklich “jeder” Rockmusiker ein Mal in seiner Karriere gearbeitet haben sollte und startete die Recordings im Team mit einem der gefragtesten Produzenten überhaupt: Matt Butler (Mick Jagger, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney. Katie Melua, Elvis Costello und zig andere Hochkaräter). Die holländischen Freunde spielen auf rund der Hälfte der 11 Titel, auf den anderen wurden lokale britische Instrumentalisten verwendet: Simon Moore (Orgel), Harry Sutton (Bass), Tom Hooper (Drums, Percussion). Ad Vanderveen selber zeichnet als bekannt starker Gitarrist selbstverständlich wieder für alle akustischen und elektrischen Saitenklänge verantwortlich, spielt dazu mitunter Klavier und Harmonica.

Und ja, stimmlich erinnert er nicht nur ein, zwei Mal an sein großes Vorbild Neil Young. Aber dieses Thema ist eigentlich längst ausgereizt – der Vergleich mit dem kanadischen Helden steht wirklich nicht mehr so dermaßen im Vordergrund wie früher. Über die Jahre ist Vanderveen auch für die größten Skeptiker eine echte Alternative im internationalen Americana-Segment geworden. Sowohl gesanglich/musikalisch als auch inhaltlich. Seine Songs handeln von den klassischen Grundthemen wie Einsamkeit, Heimweh, Verlust und Entfremdung, reflektieren andererseits über Liebe, Emotionen, Aufbruch zu neuen Beziehungen. Dabei ist es diese besondere Poesie in seinen Texten, die aufhorchen lässt. Sie sind leicht zugänglich und trotzdem anspruchsvoll, schaffen Nähe und strahlen im Einklang mit der klassisch handgemachten Musik eine warmherzige Atmosphäre der Verbundenheit zwischen Künstler und Hörer aus.

Nach einem kurzen Intro startet Driven By A Dream geschickt mit dem forschen, herrlich angerockten ‘Uphill’, das mit seinem akustisch-elektrisch balancierten Arrangement bereits früh den Sound für das gesamte Album bestimmt. Tracks wie ‘Time Has Told’, der prägnante Titelsong, das laute, offensive ‘Wouldn’t That Be A Shame’, das Harmonica-getriebene, mit unwiderstehlichen Harmonies von Kersten de Ligny ausgestattete ‘Will And Testament’ und ‘Calm Before The Storm’ mit all seinen Western-Assoziationen, die in Form eines Traums ausgelebt werden, gehören dabei mehr in die “Electric Campfire/Guitar Rock”-Abteilung. ‘Rest In Peace’, wieder mit bezaubernden Vanderveen/Ligny-Harmony Vocals (ganz im Geist von Neil Young & Nicolette Larson, um die Messlatte ganz hoch zu legen!), der lässig-verschlurfte Alt.Country von ‘So Happy I Could Cry’, ‘Ramblin’ Soul’ in deutlicher Blues’n Roots-Nähe und das von Acoustic Guitar und Piano getragene ‘Vicious Circle’ stehen dagegen für Ad Vanderveen als ständigen Roots-Sucher. Und all das verbindend bringt Bob Dylan’s großartige Old Europe-Hymne ‘When I Paint My Masterpiece’ dieses wohltemperierte Album zu seinem würdigen Abschluss!

Blue Rose Records – Rauheckstr. 10 – 74232 Abstatt/Germany – phone +49-(0)7062-955444 – fax +49-(0)7062-64375

eMail: info (at) – website:

Driven By A Dream

Eerlijk duurt het langst. Daarom is het singer-songwriter genre zo populair. Een liedjesschrijver die zijn eigen hartekreten zingt, terwijl hij zichzelf – al dan niet met behulp van wat muzikale vrienden – begeleidt, dat is toch pure kunst?

Discjockey Giel Beelen vindt dat ook, vandaar dat hij zo aan de weg timmert met zijn TV-programma ‘De Beste Singer-Songwriter van Nederland’. Deze zoektocht naar nieuw singer-songwritertalent scoort opvallend goed bij de kijkers, een teken dat ‘het grote publiek’ ook dol is op deze pure vorm van popmuziek maken.

Maar wie er ook ontdekt wordt in Giels programma, hij of zij zal schatplichtig zijn aan Ad Vanderveen. Vanderveen is een uitmuntende zanger en een begenadigd gitarist. Hij staat al veertig jaar op het podium, hij schreef honderden prachtige liedjes, bracht meer dan twintig albums uit en is met zijn tournees door Canada, Duitsland, Zwitserland, Oostenrijk en Italië een internationaal hooggewaardeerd artiest. Ad werkte samen met Amerikaanse toppers als Al Kooper, Flaco Jeminez, David Olney en John Gorka, en hij maakte albums met de Texaanse zangeres en gitariste Eliza Gilkyson de Engelse legende Iain Matthews. Ad nam op met beroemde producers als Bill Halverson (o.a. CSN&Y) en Matt Butler (o.a. Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd) en hij deed dat in gerenommeerde studio’s als Wisseloord in Hilversum en Sound Emporium in Nashville. Maar hij liet de opnameapparatuur ook lopen in theaters als De Kleine Komedie, Eddie’s Attic in Atalanta, gewoon in zijn eigen kelder of, letterlijk, in een hutje op de hei. Alles met een doel: eerlijke, oprechte, emotionele, persoonlijke muziek maken in liedjes met eeuwigheidswaarde.

Met andere woorden, Ad Vanderveen is de éminence grise van het Nederlandse singer-songwriters gilde.

En met de jaren – Ad Vanderveen is 56 jaar jong – wordt hij alleen maar beter. Zoals te horen is op zijn nieuwe album ‘Driven By A Dream’. Voor deze selectie van elf muzikaal zeer uiteenlopende maar altijd indringende songs week Ad uit naar de Rockfield Studios in Wales, een legendarische opnamefaciliteit waar zo’n beetje alle groten der aarde wel eens gebruik van hebben gemaakt. Samen met producer Matt Butler en gerenommeerde Engelse en Nederlandse musici werkte Ad er aan een selelectie nieuwe songs, die misschien tot de beste uit zijn rijke carriere horen.

“Zo lang de liedjes blijven komen blijf ik gaan”, zegt Ad.”Ik word steeds weer door nieuwe dingen geïnspireerd. Ik heb geen top 40-hits waar ik op terug kan vallen tijdens optredens, en dus heb ik de vrijheid en de noodzaak om steeds weer met iets nieuws te komen. Met andere woorden: ik heb geen externe drive, ik heb een innerlijke drive.”

Die drive leidde tot Ad Vanderveens nieuwe album ‘Driven By A Dream’. Geen wonder dat het wederom – en vergeef ons de woordspeling – een droomplaat is. Ad zal deze release ondersteunen met een uitgebreide tournee door Nederland en Europa. Want dat is het leven van een zanger en songschrijver, die met zijn liedjes zoveel mensen in binnen- en buitenland aanspreekt: de koffer wordt gepakt, de gitaar gaat onder de arm en het reizen en optreden neemt weer een aanvang. En zo gaat het bij Ad Vanderveen al veertig jaar, en zo zal het nog jaren blijven gaan. Want eerlijk, dat duurt het langst.

Tjerk Lammers, augustus 2012

Driven By A Dream

(NL versie) (Deutsch Version) Ad Vanderveen’s music has been growing and building, both artistically and in terms of popularity. His new album ‘Driven By A Dream’ is being met with unprecedented anticipation by music lovers all over Europe and beyond. Just rewards for this singer-songwriter extraordinaire, who has honed his craft since he first climbed a stage forty years ago and has won over audiences all over the world ever since.

Ad Vanderveen is a gifted singer and an ace guitar player, who has written and composed hundreds of timeless songs, released over twenty albums and toured incessantly throughout his native Holland, as well as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, the US and Canada. He has worked with big name American artists like Al Kooper, Flaco Jimenez, John Gorka and David Olney and cut albums with Texan songstress Eliza Gilkyson and English folk legend Iain Matthews. He recorded with great producers like Bill Halverson (CSN&Y) and Matt Butler (Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd) in famous recording facilities like Wisseloord in Hilversum and Sound Emporium in Nashville. But he also let the tape machines roll in live venues like De Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam and Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, in his own basement, or even in a shack in the woods. All this with the undying love for making honest, emotional, personal music in songs that will stand the test of time.

‘Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom’, according to Thomas Jefferson. And in these difficult times, we’re all in need of a little wisdom. Perhaps that’s why singer-songwriters like Ad Vanderveen are so popular now. Their specific brand of honest, pure, straight from the heart music and poetry shines like a beacon of truth in an otherwise chaotic world of confusion, deceit and turmoil. And no brighter beacon than Ad Vanderveen, who, at 56 years of age, only seems to get better. Just listen to ‘Driven By A Dream’, his brand new collection of eleven songs – musically very diverse, but always spot on in bringing his message across to your ears… and heart. Ad recorded the album at Rockfield Studios in Wales, where just about every famous artist in rock history has worked at one time or another. Together with producer Matt Butler, his Dutch band, long-time companion Kersten de Ligny and a couple of hand-picked English session cracks, Vanderveen recorded a selection of songs that belong to the very best of his vast body of work.

‘As long as the songs keep coming, I’ll keep going’, says Vanderveen. ‘I’m inspired by new things all the time. I don’t have any Top 40-hits or formats to live up to when I go out and play, so I have the freedom and necessity to make it new every time. In other words: I don’t have an external drive, I’ve got a drive that comes from inside, from the heart and soul.’

That drive has led Ad Vanderveen to record ‘Driven By A Dream’. It’s no wonder therefore, that this album is – excuse the pun – like a dream come true. Ad will support this release with a lengthy tour throughout Europe. That’s what life is like for a singer and a songwriter who touches so many with his songs: He packs his suitcase, picks up his guitar and travels to places near and far. That’s how it has been in the case of Ad Vanderveen for the last forty years, and so it will be for many, many years to come. Because a lie has speed, but truth has endurance, honest music like Ad’s will last forever…

TjL. August 2012.