‘The Barn Basics’ limited edition CD

Especially for those interested in acoustic music, an independent limited-edition CD with an acoustic version of the 2016 ‘The Stellar Cellar Band CD will be made available. This high-quality recording was made in an old barn with acoustics and an atmosphere very well suited to the music.

Alongside Vanderveen on vocals/guitars/harmonica is his partner and long-time musical companion Kersten de Ligny on harmony vocals, autoharp and percussion.
Where ‘The Stellar Cellar can be said to have more of an urban rock’n’roll vibe, The Barn Basics, as is to be expected, emphasises the folk and country aspects of the music.
This sparse setting makes for a very up close and personal listening experience, with the focus on the lyrics, chords and emotional content at the heart of the songs.
The Barn Basics will be available in a limited run parallel to the release of The Stellar Cellar Band  CD on March 11 2016.

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