Release review in Short and Sweet NYC + LA-US

We are in the hands of a well-reasoned production from the get-go on Amsterdam-based folk artist Ad Vanderveen’s new ten song, Release. Vanderveen produces here with Pete Fisher, who also plays bass, and with Michael Kay’s drums adding a nice marching snare snap, Kersten de Ligny a sweet harmony, a second electric and harmonica, and Vanderveen’s plucked acoustic laying underneath his delicate pipes, the title-track opens us well into this modern folks world.

I like the run-together lyric and the feeling that things might just break apart at any moment on “Dared To Dream.” But, again, the specific added atmospheric touches of electric and drums, bass, and what sounds like banjo add just the right color to this poignant-wish-of-a-song, about halfway in. When Ligny harmonizes during the bridge, the listener is all-in.

Again, Vanderveen employees that quick singing over the verse lyrics on the slow groovy “Garden Of Home,” probably the most commercial of tunes here. This one mixes all the best elements presented on Release. “Ol’ 56” is a wry folk musician story song with some perfectly plucked acoustic rhythm and lead while, “Thank you,” the last tune, is another soft song story song, featuring more perfect second guitar work and Vanderveen mostly talking the lyric (there are some sweet harmonies with Ligny plus a laid-back beat on the chorus). It all brings things together in a nice neat circle for this well-rendered modern folk album.

By Ralph Greco-Short and Sweet NYC + LA, US