Candle To You review Screen Legion, US

Ad Vanderveen’s Soothing Style Shines on Candle to You

There’s something to be said for artists that can capture listeners and bring them into their world in just a few short measures. And that’s exactly what Ad Vanderveen pulls off with the opening track of his new record, Do What You Love. And it’s clear that Vanderveen does just that.

For love or money is a recurring theme of the human condition. Meanwhile, Ad Vanderveen addresses that enduring question on the opening track of his new record. And with soothing acoustics, harmonica, and Vanderveen’s lyrical refrain of “Do what you love, and you’ll be taken care of”, there are some poignant life lessons to be garnered from his music.

Ad Vanderveen Lays it All Out

Following The Wind takes a considerably darker turn than the album opener – and it’s a brilliant showcase of Vanderveen’s different styles. Minor chords change the mood from philosophical and wise to brooding and a bit more melancholy. And through it all, it’s clear that Ad Vanderveen simply has an ear for what sounds good – complete with a lengthy solo midway through.

Meanwhile, Over Time picks up the tempo and packs the flavor – with Latin/Flamenco influences permeating the primary melody. Only a few tracks into Candle to You, it’s apparent that Ad Vanderveen can pull off any style he chooses – and his musical range is refreshing to listen to.

Candle to You Puts Everything on Display

Even if this style of Contemporary Folk isn’t necessarily something you would listen to – or even come back to – there’s enough on Candle to You to keep even skeptical listeners coming back for more. Meanwhile, one of the things Ad Vanderveen does well is balance all of his influences in a way that’s cohesive.

At times, he slows it down, like on the title track, Candle To You. And other times, he picks up the tempo – or switches up the style altogether. And the beauty of Ad Vanderveen’s artistry is it never feels like he is out of his depth musically. No matter what influences he incorporates, Vanderveen is firmly at the helm. And that is the true genius of this record.

By Spencer Elliott, Screen Legion, US