Treasure Keepers review Goldmine Magazine

With a legacy that’s easily traced back some 35 years, Ad Vanderveen has earned a reputation amongst his knowing devotees as an excellent and articulate journeyman, a man whose meditative musings find him respected on both sides of the folks/roots divide. Born in Holland but partly of Canadian heritage, his music transcends any singular tradition courtesy of his deeply melodious music, his deft instrumental interplay and a rich, resonant vocal. Ironically, Treasure Keepers is Vanderveen’s first solo effort of his expansive career, an intimate outing that finds him performing entirely on his own save guest vocals from the late David Olney, on opening track “David and Goliath.” With the sparse settings, the music is both expressive and introspective, all the more reason to lean in and listen. Yet despite the singular set-up, it’s still a highly embracing effort, imbued with emphatic emotion and deep devotion. While Treasure Keepers may not be the ideal place to start as far as the true novice is concerned, anyone with a true appreciation for musical honesty and integrity will find this album providing a sure form of satisfaction. 

By Lee Zimmerman