Announcing: Only Olney

1 Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

2 Women Across The River

3 If My Eyes Were Blind

4 Little Bit Of Poison

5 Vincent’s Blues

6 If It Wasn’t For The Wind

7 Jerusalem Tomorrow

8 Little Bird (What I Do)

9 Life Of A Minor Poet

10 Mister Vermeer

11 Sad Saturday Night

Ad Vanderveen & Friends

AV: vocal, guitars, mandola, harmonica, piano / Iain Matthews: vocal, guitar / Kersten de Ligny: vocal, percussion / Raphael Dudukas: oriental guest vocal on Jerusalem Tomorrow / Jan Erik Hoeve: pedal steel and David Olney: ghost vocal on If My Eyes Were Blind

Upon first meeting David Olney in 1993, I was awestruck by his music and personality and I instantaneously felt a connection that seemed to be mutual, to my surprise. I was a youngish singer songwriter taking the first steps on a solo path after having played in numerous bands, and David set a towering example for me rightaway. His playing, singing, writing and performing were what I wished I’d be able to do. His guitar playing fascinating, authorative, simple and sophisticated, especially in contrast with the raw directness of his voice. His lyrics so layered, captivating and touching on many levels at once. His performance so cool and real, stirring, vulnerable, rough and funny. He embodied all that a troubadour, craftsman and traveling minstrel should be for me.

I’ve been lucky to meet with David and work with him on many occasions since that first encounter. All over the world our paths have crossed, sometimes planned and sometimes spontaneous – on stage, in the studio, or at home at my place or his. Each time was a memorable and unique experience. He was a teacher to me, although we never consciously acknowledged that kind of roleplay. I suppose you could say – like in the world of classical music – I studied under David Olney. I’m happy that along our trails we’ve left some marks together, some living on as recorded musical souvenirs on CD.

Since David is no longer here to bring his songs to us, I have felt like trying some of them on, some I feel that fit me, although his shoes are too big to fill; there are some songs that suit me and feel like my own. I guess what I set out to do with these recordings is keeping that feeling alive that grabbed me right from the start in 1993. 

With the help of some good friends I’m glad to have captured some performances I feel are worthy of carrying on a part of David’s great heritage. I want to thank Iain Matthews, he and I shared quite a few adventures with David over the years and he brought some of these songs to the table. Thanks to my wife Kersten de Ligny for lending her angelic vocals, Raphael Dudukas for his atmospheric oriental vibe, Jan Erik Hoeve for his signature pedal steel, Jim Morrison for his timeless strings, and Whoever Else might show up before this will be released.

Released? What is that anymore – streaming platforms, digital media, a limited edition CD? I never knew very well how to go about that part and these days even less so. Like David was, I’m in this for the music. The business of making it known and the cost for that – despite perhaps being the most important part in getting it heard – are out of my hands.

So if you find this, or this finds you, here’s to the cosmic laws of attraction that guide us.

We hope you’ll enjoy the music and if you do, tell your friends. Only Olney will be finished soon and available around summer 2023, stay tuned for details.