No Nukes – Get Wise


Back in the seventies there was a very present and active movement against nuclear energy that now seems to be harder to find. To me this topic has always remained at the top of the list of motivations behind any voting. 

These days, in our ever energy-hungry world looking for new supplies and resources, it seems to become more and more normal that nuclear energy would be back on the table as an option.

Putting more long-term destructive poison in the world that remains active for thousands of generations?

To me that’s unacceptable.

Nobody should even think of making many future generations pay the price for the mess we made. It’s not a solution, not viable, totally immoral, and short-sighted. 

This is why I support WISE, an organisation specialised in informing the world on responsible sources of energy. They have reliable rersearch and facts lined up to be consulted by us and our leaders. 

So we are releasing a song ‘GET WISE’ to hopefully point a few people in that direction, check it out and spread the word, AV.