Live In Weimar ’22 – limited edition cd

This recording so rocks that it wouldn’t stay on the shelf.


‘Lobeshymnen’ is what our German promoter said he heard after we played our show in Weimar on October 8th 2022, as the chills of autumn had descended on us and a few thousand people in the audience on the Platz der Demokratie.

It’s a word you would associate with the works of Bach, it means something like ‘praises’.

We thought it would make a great title for this Cd that marks our return as a band. It was great, chaotic and noisy to be back on stage in Weimar where we played so many times over the past 20 years. A few years ago I swore to never play electric band shows again but what do I know, here we are. We celebrated that our spirits, chops, instincts, hands and ears were still intact and we would like to invite you along with this live document, hoping you will be part of the same feeling.

Thanks go to Dirk Böttcher for initiating and organising, to Dominico Sneider for recording, and to all the fans for showing up. 

AV, November 2022.


1 Last Venture

2 Uphill

3 First Feeling

4 All The Waiting

5 Wildfire

6 Light Of Day

7 The Moment That Matters

8 Lost In Lederhosen

9 Denver Nevada

10 Melancholy Blues

11 Water Under The Bridge

Total playing time: 73 min.


Ad Vanderveen: vocal, guitars, harmonica

Kersten de Ligny: vocal, autoharp, percussion

Jan Erik Hoeve: pedal steel, vocal

Timon van Heerdt: bass, vocal

Roel Overduin: drums, vocal

AVON Weimar '22
AVON Weimar’22 front