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Release Cd review in Music News-UK

In the realm of modern folk rock, two men stand as pillars influencing the generations who follow. Bob Dylan took the influence of Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams and through the magical transformation of the Greenwich Village stages, made it speak to millions of young adults grasping for sense in senseless times. Neil Young rose to fame riding a wave of psychedelia with Buffalo Springfield operating out of L.A.’s famous Laurel Canyon. Yet, in his formative years on the Canadian Great Plains, Young drew a lot from Dylan’s early folk masterpieces. Once the great wave of the ’60s broke, Young would turn hard to folk in the ’70s writing some of his most enduring classics. Today, there is a great deal of that DNA in any given performer that takes up the acoustic guitar to bare their soul. 

Amsterdam-based Ad Vanderveen may have been born thousands of miles from Ohio or Ontario, Minnesota or Manhattan but the man has the lineage of these folk troubadours in his blood. This must have something to do with his Canadian parents. On his latest record Release, Vanderveen powerfully and effectively channels the two greats, blending their sonic traits with his own worldly personality to create an album that hits all the right notes of nostalgia, reflection, love, and sense of home that a great folk record should.

The ambling picking of his acoustic guitar has a crisp sheen on the opener ‘Release’. His voice comes in with the same combination of frailty and earnestness that became Neil Young’s calling card. If you close your eyes and let your mind drift a little, you could easily mistake the track for an unearthed gem from Young’s Harvest days that had until now remained unreleased. Kersten de Ligny adds perfectly complementary harmonies and The Neil James Morrison Ensemble provides an understated string backing. 

There’s a way that Young can say a word or a phrase and imbue it with such powerfully wistful nostalgia and Vanderveen has a similar talent. The way he sings “and this old guitar is all I have to bring along to sing you one last song” in the softly swaying ‘One Last Song’ or “Got an old guitar from the year I was born/Sounds like a dream and it’s pretty well worn” on ‘Ol’ ’56’ links the storytelling tradition of the guitar around the hearth to all the ups and downs of a life well-lived. The word “guitar” holds a lifetime of dusty memories.

‘Always the Next’ has the rambling sing-song of Dylan’s first two records. Lightly meandering through a fingerpicked 6/8 before the band joins in to give it a good Celtic bob. Vanderveen is far from doing the cheap wheezy inflection of a poor Dylan impression, he just throws in the odd upward strain or hushed delivery that makes Dylan’s vocals stand out from the rest of the folk pack. Vanderveen also avoids the snide cynicism that crept into most of Dylan’s lyrics, instead presenting the challenges you face with an escape route: “there’s got to be some consolation my friend/there’s always the next to hold on to”.

Although a song like ‘Wildfire’ may cop the mid-song wailing harmonica solo that Young made a trademark, Vanderveen’s voice comes more into its own here. The western-tinged steady rollin’ rhythm is complemented by slide guitar echoing off into the dark of a midnight prairie. ‘Fickle Mind’ also enjoys some tasteful slide guitar to brush along this slow, back porch on a sleepy Sunday tune. ‘Nothing but a Dream’ shows up as a late album gem with Vanderveen giving out reassuring pearls of wisdom over a track that shows the singer finding a signature sound for himself.

Obviously, if you are a fan of Dylan or Young, Ad Vanderveen’s Release will be right up your alley. However, the similarities in timbre and structure are not a rip-off. This is not an artist lifting tried and true melodies to profit off of their good songwriting, something that is done FAR too often in pop music today. This is an artist who studied under the best in his field and with that same energy, produced a welcoming, wistful, and wise entry in the tradition of great folk music. 

****by Jon C. Ireson

New album ‘Release’ press announcement

A new album by singer-songwriter Ad Vanderveen will be out in May 2021, aptly titled ‘Release’.
It contains ten new original songs in an organic production – not stripped down like the predecessor ‘Treasure Keepers’ – but still built around a basis of vocal and acoustic guitar, accompanied by a sparse but effective rhythm section of drums and bass, electric (slide) guitar, piano, banjo, and adorned with string arrangements and harmony vocals.

Early reactions from connoisseurs say the record is characterized by “very purposeful and poetic, relatable lyrics”, and “really deep songs with a lot of musical variety”. 
The music echoes roots and influences from the 1970s – Neil Young, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Townes van Zandt and other Texas troubadours come to mind. 
The lyrical content touches on themes any grown-up could relate to, like perspectives on transience, love, life and loss, social engagement, and personal growth.

Ad Vanderveen about ‘Release’:
“As long as the songs keep coming I keep going, I will probably stop when they do.
Like a sea refuses no river – I never refuse a song, and just like rising water it seems to find a way around obstacles and flow down home.
Sometimes I almost feel apologetic if there are those who think my musical output is too much, but really I feel blessed to be on a continuum, a flow of creativity that I learned to follow and trust. 
There’s no such thing as too much love in the world, and music is a work of love.
So this goes out along the shortest lines”.

‘Release’ will be streaming on all digital platforms on May 18 2021.
CDs are available through 


Treasure Keepers review RnR, UK

Ad Vanderveen may be half-Dutch and half-Canadian but his musical influences reside strictly on the western side of the Atlantic Ocean.
Subtitled A Solo Studio Performance By…this album sees the singer’s music stripped bare. However, even reduced to the basic form of a one-man troubadour, the music is remarkably rich.

There’s a tremulous edge to Vanderveen’s voice, which floats above the acoustic guitar, harmonica and footstomps, as if trying to lift the melody up to some heavenly place. 
This blends well with the poetic quality to the self-reflective lyrics, whether musing on grand concepts like the tension between good and evil desires, on ‘David And Goliath’, or narrating his own musical journey on ‘If I Can Do It, So Can You’.

There is more than a touch of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan in the writing and phrasing of the songs, no more so than on ‘End Of Me And You’. Here the strumming patterns and the way that the couplets drift off into the air are very redolent of Mr. Zimmerman’s style, in an infinitely more tuneful manner, of course! 

Treasure Keepers is a perfect lesson in showing that less can really be more.

**** Trevor Raggatt – Rock’n’Reel Magazine, UK.

Treasure Keepers

Treasure Keepers is the first real solo album by singer-songwriter Ad Vanderveen.

Performed alone in a studio/theater ambience with no audience, it features nine and a half new original songs and one and a half covers.

The content and poetry are of a personal / spiritual / topical nature and are kept center-stage, framed by a variety of sounds, ranging from airy acoustic to grungy electric.

Starting off with a dedication to colleague, friend and mentor David Olney, who recently passed away, Vanderveen’s songs address subjects like life and death, creativity, change and pandemic times, as well as love transcending all of these in some more meditative pieces. The disc ends with Motherland, a grungy electric rendition of the Dutch national anthem, with Vanderveen’s own lyrics taking it to a more universal and spiritual plane.

The other cover on Treasure Keepers is ‘If I Can Do It So Can You’ by Lee Clayton, a song Ad claims had a life-changing impact on him in the late 1970s.
While the performances are spontaneous and minimal, the soundscape is intricate and has been realized with help of the the finest of people and equipment available in the field of audio.

Ad Vanderveen about Treasure Keepers:
“I’ve often heard myself say ‘a song should be able to stand on its own two feet, but I’d never really made a record like that. It was time to practise what I preach: one shot on the spot with no overdubs – a bold and daring choice if I do say so myself – and if a song wouldn’t stand up to it, it simply wouldn’t come to life. It took a sense of ruthless vulnerability to present my new material in this way that turned out feeling very rewarding”.

Treasure Keepers will be released in the summer of 2020.

Final Refuge CD

AD VANDERVEEN  ‘Final Refuge‘ – Press release sheet – 


It’s new, yet nothing new; more of the same, yet different; it’s trusted like a good friendship that is gaining in depth and quality over time, yet is often taken for granted.This much could be said about the work of songwriter and singer Ad Vanderveen and his new offering ‘Final Refuge‘.
With little fanfare and in a steady flow, this prolific writer produces groups of songs that seem to form their own unity and make up the story of an album. Just about every year a new CD is added to an ever growing catalog that started back in the early 90’s.

While his work is often compared to greats like Neil Young, Bob Dylan or Townes Van Zandt, Ad Vanderveen could well be considered one of the most obscure and reluctant superstars the world has never seen. Despite the size of – and high critical acclaim for – his artistic output both on records and in live performances he has maintained a low profile and, in his own words calls; ‘the inner eye a greater priority than the public eye’.

In Final Refuges lyrical content, spiritual and mystical themes alternate with more mundane affairs, covering subject matter that most serious and grown up music lovers could relate to like reflections on transience, love and faith, as well as more personal inquisition, self-knowledge and worldly philosophy.
The recording sessions were done in an intimate and interactive setting, with an acoustic combo or with just acoustic guitar. The performances have the inspired, in the moment and heartfelt immediacy that we’ve come to expect from Ad. “This is chamber music, made on the spot where most songs took shape and where they sound best”, he explains.

Where the previous album with the somewhat intriguing title I Was Hank Williams (2018) was characterized by a rather unconventional multitrack field-recording approach, ‘Final Refuge is a well balanced and rounded whole, with a consistent atmosphere and rich ambient sound throughout.
Acoustic instruments like guitar, piano, upright bass, banjo, hang drum and percussion weave through the minimal chord structures that support the poetry always central to Vanderveen’s work.

“This album came about very organically, following the flow of the writing in a down-home atmosphere. Playing with my trusted combo (Timon van Heerdt – upright bass; Rene Kaaij – piano, hang drum; and Pete Fisher – percussion, production) was like a true homecoming and gave some of the pieces an improvisational touch. To top things off, harmony singing by Kersten de Ligny and some  guest players on strings and horns enhanced the picture like a frame around a painting”, AV comments on the new album. Final Refuge is scheduled for release by Continental Rose, a joint-venture between CRS Records and Blue Rose Records, on november 8 2019.


“Ad Vanderveen sings simple songs. Songs about love, longing, wandering and coming home.
He performs these songs with their familiar images in an unpretentious, matter of fact manner.
His voice is a good one and his guitar playing is direct and honest. But we’ve all heard hotter licks and more acrobatic vocals. So, what makes these songs so unique and these performances so powerful?

We tend to associate depth with complexity when, in fact, it is only the simple things that have depth. The truth needs telling just once while a lie needs to be repeated and embellished upon over and over again.
You only have to hear Ad sing a song once to tap into its meaning and the feeling will grow stronger and deeper with more listenings. His music has an honesty and humility that is remarkable.

In Latin, Ad means toward. There is a feeling of moving toward something in Ad Vanderveen’s music. Something deep. Something powerful”. (From liner notes by David Olney)

Denver Nevada (Still Life) album info


Denver Nevada is a place that is not real, it’s made up. But it is real in the sense that it’s an anagram for Ad Vanderveen. As for Still Life; all meanings of the term can apply in this case.
Desolation, serenitiy; scenes like in an Edward Hopper painting or a David Lynch movie or come to mind when listening to the singer-songwriter’s new album.
Existential themes such as solitude, longing and resignation are expressed throughout the lyrics.
But the album is also about the inexplicable and unstoppable drive and necessity to keep writing and creating.
Vanderveen can be counted among the most prolific songwriters in the new folk and roots genre, with an impressive number of albums to his name since the early 90s.

As a person and a craftsman Ad is mostly geared towards growth and development and he tends to keep away from matters not involving music or spirituality. Dealing with issues like name, fame and big sales numbers is not one of his priorities.
Among music lovers and critics, colleagues and peers however, he is highly regarded as a songwriter and musician; none other than Van Morrison, after hearing Ad’s album Worlds Within, personally invited him as his opening act in July 2017.
Another one of Vanderveen’s long-time favorites, John Gorka, joins on Denver Nevada’s lead off track in the duet Another Song.

Denver Nevada strikes a certain melancholy atmosphere and mood that underscore the poems and lyrics at the core of the songs. The style can best be described as contemporary folk with influences of rock, jazz and classical music. The songs and instrumentation are based on acoustic guitar and vocal; accompanied by piano, electric guitar, bass, percussion/drums, harmony vocals and augmented by strings and horns.

Ad’s previous album Worlds Within was hailed as a ‘classic’ in roots-americana circles and considered to be one of his best works. Fortunately the well has not run dry yet and those initiated say the sequel Denver Nevada will top the former one, journeying further and deeper into new territory and changing soundscapes. Ad Vanderveen keeps on challenging himself and the roots music audience!
Denver Nevada is scheduled for release on february 16 2018 through CRS Records.


New album announcement

AV is in the final stages of recording a new album set for release early january 2018.
The record titled ‘Denver Nevada’ features 11 new compositions.
The follow up to Worlds Within journeys further into new territory and changing soundscapes.
The music can be described as contemporary folk with rock, jazz and classical overtones.
The lyrics and poems deal with such existential themes as desolation, longing, resignation and, of course; love, both on a personal level and a universal one.
Arrangements and instrumentation are based on acoustic guitar and vocal, accompanied by piano, electric guitar, bass, drums/percussion, and augmented by strings and horns.

Tracklist reads as follows:

1 Another Song
2 Big Old Lonely Feeling
3 Backroads Of Hope
4 Castles
5 Denver Nevada
6 Ruminations
7 Wooden Shoes, Wooden Head, Wouldn’t Listen
8 Blackbird Singing A Blue Note
9 In The Name Of Rock’n’roll
10 My Sweet, Crushed Angel
11 Afterthought – Groveling Grandeur

Stay tuned for preview and updates!

Worlds Within Cd review in No Depression by Lee Zimmerman

Ad Vanderveen Goes Deep With Worlds Within
Ad Vanderveen – Worlds Within

MAY 29, 2017

Ad Vanderveen’s reflective musings give his songs a quiet charm that’s all but irresistible, one reason his work makes him the absolute epitome of an accomplished acoustic bard whose tools of the trade come in the form of a guitar, a melodious voice and a songs flush with heartfelt sentiment. Happily then, his lovely new album, Worlds Within, stays true to that template, a sensitive yet stirring folk-infused set of songs that’s rich in sumptuous melodies and astute observations. It’s exceptional as always, and these sublime soundscapes offer ample reason why that judgement is beyond reproach. There’s any number of affirmative examples herein — the melodious album opener “Worlds Within,” the sweet, serendipitous “Sinking in Doubt,” the gleefully optimistic “Mystery — but in truth it would be hard to single out any song that didn’t maintain an obvious air of optimism. Still, those looking for a standout song or two would be well advised to check out one of the more tender tracks like “Impossible Love” or the jaunty “Changing Like the World,” an example of upbeat optimism from one whose supple musings are generally cast in meditative mode. Better yet, sample “Bigger Picture,” an absolute anthem of optimism.

Worlds Within represents the latest chapter in a 40 year career that’s seen Vanderveen quietly plying his craft for a dedicated group of fans and devotees both here and abroad. Those who have interest in catching up with his earlier efforts would be best advised to check out 2015‘s two disc anthology, Presents of the Past/Requests Revisited, an excellent collection that culls tracks from several of his earlier efforts. Suffice it to say that those looking for a calming respite from a chaotic world could do no better than to allow Vanderveen’s songs to serve as the soundtrack.

New album Worlds Within

Fresh from our publicist:

AD VANDERVEEN – ‘Worlds Within’
*poetry and music in motion*

How do you promote a discrete and introspective piece of work? You don’t, really. You can only make an announcement and hopefully notify those who might be interested. Here goes:

At age 60 singer-songwriter Ad Vanderveen realizes more than ever that writing is primarily a personal necessity; it’s between him and the universe and a small but devoted fan-base is welcome to listen in.

Vanderveen has been a musical adventurer for well over 4 decades, exploring and following his muse wherever it takes him. This time this path led to acoustic improvisational songs with a contemplative mood and atmosphere.

‘Worlds Within’ is an album of poetry and music in motion, in the sense that it consists of poems set to music with an improvisational approach. Some of the songs turned out like compact folk tunes, while others seem to lose track of time  and venture way beyond the usual 3 to 4 minute time span.

The lyrics have a personal and philosophical character and the music breathes a contemplative and mystical atmosphere, rooted in an earthy acoustic folk style.
These songs started out private and personal, as songs do, and together with some great musicians we made what you could call a record of contemporary folk with some jazz and classical overtones.”

Ad Vanderveen has built up an impressive catalog of CDs over the past decades. In 2017 this will be augmented by ‘Worlds Within’, his 30th record release of new originals.

Having just come from inside of this new music it’s tempting to go into superlatives. Of course it feels like the best I’ve ever done, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.
But the truth is I don’t have any perspective, I traded that in for unconditional love and care in crafting it. All I know is that it comes from a very deep place”.
AV October 2016.

*CD Release update 2016*

Starting with a record company quote:
AD VANDERVEEN: for more than 20 years this renowned Dutch singer-songwriter has been one of the most consistent and reliable artists on the roots rock/Americana scene.
Hardly a year goes by without a release from him, some years there may even be two CDs or a double album.”

This year is no exception; we would like to announce the release of Ad Vanderveen’s new CD The Stellar Cellar Band. With this record Ad delivers ten new songs in a no frills cellar room recording, fronting an electric 3-piece rock band.

Parallel to this release on Blue Rose Records, an independent limited-edtion CD will also be available called: The Barn Basics’. This Cd features the same songs in an acoustic setting, featuring Ad with his long time partner and musical companion Kersten de Ligny.

The schizophrenia between electric and acoustic music runs throughout the history of popular music and no less through AV’s career. It’s two distinctly different listening experiences that seem to appeal to different audiences.

That’s why, even in this time of declining Cd sales, we want to offer both options;

The Barn Basics is for a layed-back acoustic listening mood,
The Stellar Cellar Band is for a more energetic electric band listening mood.

Both Cds are available mid March 2016, orders now on our Store page.