Beat the Record 2014

New album: Beat The Record

Ad Vanderveen’s new CD “BEAT THE RECORD” has been released on March 1 2014.
It’s a collection of twelve songs penned over the past two years, recorded in an acoustic solo setting.
This time Ad followed his muse so quickly and directly that his original demo recordings overtook the process of record making.
The CD contains nine new original AV songs and three co-writes with Nashville natives David Olney, John Hadley and Thomm Jutz.
Honoring timeless folk tradition, Ad focuses on the songs and their content, with arrangements and production left sparse.

“A lot of the songs have to do with deepening personal philosophical and spiritual insights. This is an ongoing process and I like to think it’s where I grow and come home.
It involves themes like love and loss, despair and hope, melancholia and humor, things we all know and move through”, says the 57 year-old singer-songwriter.

Asked about how BEAT THE RECORD came about he explains:

“I had plans to go to Nashville to cut this record and started out recording the songs for myself first to see what I had. These recordings worked so well to my ears that the studio plans got side-tracked. The whole usual process of record making was bypassed, so to speak. These takes reminded me of casual and unposed pictures and doing it again would feel like a reproduction.

BEAT THE RECORD is Vanderveen’s 20th CD release since he started out as a solo artist in the early 1990s. His songs have garnered him high praise from fans and critics all over the world and won him loyal audiences, both in the old world and the new.