Ad Vanderveen releases a diptych of live authorized bootlegs

Spring 2013- Ad Vanderveen releases a diptych of live authorized bootlegs:

LIVE AT CROSSROADS” is a solo performance for Crossroads Radio, a roots and Americana station in The Netherlands. In an intimate theatre show Vanderveen features songs from his critically acclaimed 2012 CD “Driven By A Dream”, as well as older favorites. The solo setting makes for intense deliveries, focusing on the content of the songs in a relaxed interaction with the audience. Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, harmonica, footstomp and piano, Ad moves between sensitive songs, uptempo pieces and piano ballads. Sit back for this one and enjoy an evening of pure and honest acoustic music.

LIVE LABOR”, the sequel and counterpart to “Crossroads”, shows another side of Ad Vanderveen in a rocking show with his long-time garage band The O’Neils. On tour in Germany in the spring of 2013, Ad and his band rip through an energetic set of songs, old and new, propelled by an enthousiastic audience. Alongside compact song versions there is plenty of electric guitar improvisation and frenzied jamming on themes like “Well Of Wonder”, “Water Under The Bridge”, and the new and previously unreleased “The Abyss”. Get into a sweaty trance for this one and turn it up!

Introducing the new AV & THE O’NEILS Live CD: “LIVE LABOR

A sequel and counterpart to the lately released “Live At Crossroads”
Where “Live At Crossroads” is an intimate acoustic solo performance,
“Live Labor” captures the rocking electric and improvising band spirit.

This is a diptych of authorized bootleg soundcarriers, high-quality live recordings in a limited edition.

“Live Labor” tracklist:
1 Time Has Told 4.15
2 Driven By A Dream 4.20
3 Days Of The Greats 4.12
4 Wouldn’t That Be A Shame 4.20
5 Water Under The Bridge 12.43
6 Will And Testament 3.54
7 Satisfied 7.09
8 Well Of Wonder 10.43
9 Soul Power 10.00
10 The Abyss (new/unreleased) 10.01

Live Labor belated liner notes (pdf)

Live At Crossroads


The CD features a live solo performance recorded for Crossroads Radio, a Roots/Americana show hosted by Jos van den Boom in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands.
It is a high quality recording (thanks to Kees Aerts) with a fine selection of repertoire.

The tracklist reads as follows:

1 The Long Way Round
2 Faithful To Love
3 Uphill
4 Driven By A Dream
5 Rest In Peace
6 Wouldn’t That Be A Shame
7 The Moment That Matters
8 Cloud Of Unknowing
9 To Say I Love You
10 Good Mourning
11 Will And Testament
12 New World In The Morning
13 Calm Before the Storm
14 Well Of Wonder
15 Soul Power

This is a limited run for fans and followers only, no regular release or download.

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