Final Refuge review GoldmineMagazine

The only thing worse than a deserving artist being momentarily ignored is a deserving who’s consistently ignored. Singer-songwriter Ad Vanderveen deserves far better than the lack of attention he’s been accorded and even the fact that he hails from distant environs — Norway to be specific — doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s decidedly unknown in this corner of the world.

Perhaps it’s due to his decidedly mellow and melodic sound; indeed, it seems like the most noticed performers are those that make the most noise. Still, given Vanderveen’s 40-year career, one that extends back to the ‘70s, the blame is likely due to the lack of promotion and the inability of a Stateside label to take add adequate notice.

Enough grousing however — Vanderveen’s current effort, the superb Final Refuge, deserves to elevate his status significantly, and if it doesn’t, then we’re all the worse off as a result. Those that tend to favor the softer musings of John Stewart, Townes Van Zandt, Gordon Lightfoot and Neil Young — note his shout-outs in the song “Tinytown” — ought to pay particular attention and recognize the talent that’s eluded them up until now.
Here’s the bottom line — Ad is exceptional.

(Lee Zimmerman – Goldmine Magazine)