New album announcement

AV is in the final stages of recording a new album set for release early january 2018.
The record titled ‘Denver Nevada’ features 11 new compositions.
The follow up to Worlds Within journeys further into new territory and changing soundscapes.
The music can be described as contemporary folk with rock, jazz and classical overtones.
The lyrics and poems deal with such existential themes as desolation, longing, resignation and, of course; love, both on a personal level and a universal one.
Arrangements and instrumentation are based on acoustic guitar and vocal, accompanied by piano, electric guitar, bass, drums/percussion, and augmented by strings and horns.

Tracklist reads as follows:

1 Another Song
2 Big Old Lonely Feeling
3 Backroads Of Hope
4 Castles
5 Denver Nevada
6 Ruminations
7 Wooden Shoes, Wooden Head, Wouldn’t Listen
8 Blackbird Singing A Blue Note
9 In The Name Of Rock’n’roll
10 My Sweet, Crushed Angel
11 Afterthought – Groveling Grandeur

Stay tuned for preview and updates!