New double CD ‘Presents Of The Past / Requests Revisited’

RR frontPresents of The Past front cover CD


Blue Rose Records releases a double CD by songwriter/singer/guitarist Ad Vanderveen on May 8 2015.
One disc consists of new songs and is titled: ‘Presents Of The Past’.
The other disc contains newly recorded audience favorites entitled: ‘Requests Revisited’.

As the titles suggest there is a connection between the two and they seem to go together like a kind of concept album.
The listener gets an inside peek into, and an overview of, the musician’s life and work over a 40-year career.
The record has been a year in the making and has all the marks of what they call a ‘career-defining record’

The basis for the new songs on ‘Presents Of The Past’ was recorded live with an acoustic combo in a small theatre without an audience.
The songs breathe an atmosphere of timelessness, rich with roots music influences and traditional instruments.
The M.O. of ‘Requests Revisited’ is more of a studio production with arrangements for band, strings and guest musicians.

The common thread throughout both discs is acoustic under-and-overtones, with musicianship always serving the lyrics. The arrangements are sparse yet effective, with upright bass, percussion, guitars, keyboards, banjo, accordion, harmony vocals and even a gospel choir.

Vanderveen comments: “It started with the idea to re-record the requests I’ve been getting at live shows through the years, since many of those songs are not available on CD anymore.
It almost felt like I was covering myself, but during the work on ‘Requests’ the new songs also kept coming. They seemed to have more of a vintage-roots character to them and asked for a slightly different approach”

‘Presents Of The Past / Requests Revisited’ has no A or B side.
For those already familiar with Vanderveen’s repertoire the new songs may be the main focus.
The uninitiated may first be drawn to the ‘Requests’ for an overview of the singer-songwriter’s oeuvre.
In each case this can be considered a milestone in the work of one of today’s finest artists in the Roots/Americana genre.

Release May 8 2015, available through our store page now.