Treasure Keepers CD

It’s like water flowing down to the sea. It will go around everything in its way and keep going until it reaches home.
This new music has been growing and building inside and it wants out.

I could put a dam in its way until what or whoever is ready, people and machinery in music business – if it can be called that – but I don’t see the point in waiting.

So this new collection of songs goes out finding the shortest lines to listeners as an independent summer release on Cd, as well as via the streaming platforms.
In case you wonder why anyone would want to buy a soundcarrier anymore?
Here’s some good reasons:
– enjoying the full sound quality of the record
– getting the full package and picture with artwork and lyrics
– supporting the artist

Further info and details around the Treasure Keepers album will be posted on website and Facebook.

This is what the 2020 album release marketing plan looks like and any suggestions or tools to help it along are welcome.
Stay well and stay tuned, AV.