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  • Ad Vanderveen – “The Stellar Cellar Band” (1/4/2016) - *PRESS RELEASE* A new project from one of Europe’s leading singer-songwriters in the Americana genre; On the heels of his acclaimed double CD release Presents Of The Past / Requests Revisited, Ad Vanderveen set out to reinvent himself in the summer of 2015. With 10 new songs under his belt he explored new musical territory, eventually […]
  • ‘Presents Of The Past / Requests Revisited’ Press-info sheet Blue Rose Records (7/26/2015) - AD VANDERVEEN For more than 20 years this renowned Dutch singer-songwriter has been one of the most consistent and reliable artists on the roots rock/Americana scene. Hardly a year goes by without a release from him, some years there may even be two CDs or a double album. The original plan for 2015 was to […]
  • Presents Of The Past/Requests Revisited review/article in No Depression-Americana Abroad (5/17/2015) - Ad Vanderveen: Exceptional Americana from Norway to the USA by Lee Zimmerman May 11, 2015 Column: Americana Abroad Retrospectives, anthologies and greatest hits collections are an ideal way for newcomers to get an initial snapshot of an artist that has suddenly attracted their attention. Most great discoveries offer a shortcut to a back catalog, an […]
  • New double CD ‘Presents Of The Past / Requests Revisited’ (3/8/2015) - ***PRESS RELEASE*** Blue Rose Records releases a double CD by songwriter/singer/guitarist Ad Vanderveen on May 8 2015. One disc consists of new songs and is titled: ‘Presents Of The Past’. The other disc contains newly recorded audience favorites entitled: ‘Requests Revisited’. As the titles suggest there is a connection between the two and they seem […]
  • Beat The Record review in No Depression-by Lee Zimmerman (7/20/2014) - Ad VanderveenBeat the Record (BTR) Ad Vanderveen’s exceptional reputation as a singer-songwriter with a superior skill set is well entrenched in his native Netherlands, but sadly, here in the States, he’s hardly known at all… and that’s despite a string of exceptional LPs and intermittent efforts with sometime collaborator Iain Matthews. Nevertheless, this latest set […]
  • New album: Beat The Record (2/20/2014) - Ad Vanderveen’s new CD “BEAT THE RECORD” has been released on March 1 2014. It’s a collection of twelve songs penned over the past two years, recorded in an acoustic solo setting. This time Ad followed his muse so quickly and directly that his original demo recordings overtook the process of record making. The CD […]
  • Ad Vanderveen releases a diptych of live authorized bootlegs (5/1/2013) - Spring 2013- Ad Vanderveen releases a diptych of live authorized bootlegs: “LIVE AT CROSSROADS” is a solo performance for Crossroads Radio, a roots and Americana station in The Netherlands. In an intimate theatre show Vanderveen features songs from his critically acclaimed 2012 CD “Driven By A Dream”, as well as older favorites. The solo setting […]
  • Review “Driven By A Dream” by Paul Collins, Maverick Magazine UK, May-June 2013 (5/1/2013) - AD VANDERVEEN DRIVEN BY A DREAM**** A craftsman at work What beautiful songs this man writes and together with the support of some stellar musicians, he is not bad at putting them across either. Vanderveen is now in his mid-50s and although a relative newcomer to the music scene, he even called one of his […]
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  • Interview by Michalis Limnios BLUES @ GREECE (10/12/2012) - Interview by Michalis Limnios BLUES @ GREECE “A musician or songwriter, or any artist, is a person first. You live your life as conscious as you can so you learn and take that with you in anything you do. and of course it comes through in art.”
  • Review “Driven By A Dream” by Lee Zimmerman – No Depression, October 2012 (10/1/2012) - Ad Vanderveen’s penchant for pursuing rugged Americana has made him a reliable journeyman musician for the better part of the past 15 years, although his fame on this side of the Atlantic is far from assured. Nevertheless, the aptly titled Driven by a Dream offers ample reason why he deserves wider recognition. Songs such as […]
  • Driven By A Dream (8/31/2012) - (NL versie) (Deutsch Version) Ad Vanderveen’s music has been growing and building, both artistically and in terms of popularity. His new album ‘Driven By A Dream’ is being met with unprecedented anticipation by music lovers all over Europe and beyond. Just rewards for this singer-songwriter extraordinaire, who has honed his craft since he first climbed […]